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Being Simply Soulful

First of a series on nurturing Soul Alignment

I think of soul as our Creative Core that provides us with the ability to navigate all change, whether chosen or unexpected. It ignites our life purpose, and is the wisdom, creative genius and loving support of our juicy Source Self.
Yet, too often, we settle into tight grooves that expediently accomplish the daily challenges of maintaining home, family, livelihood….and then we awaken in the middle of the night with an unarticulated gnawing discontent or are aware of quiet yearnings for more joy and spaciousness, more balance and ease, more connection and prosperity.
When we are simply soulful, we nurture ourselves by SLOWING DOWN….

  • And follow the impulse to “stop and smell the roses”
  • Notice daydreams and night dreams
  • Keep an idea journal close by
  • Begin to speak your truth, welcome truth from others and really listen
  • Let your heart sing out loud….at home, at work, everywhere!!
  • Breathing room….ahhhhhh.

  • Mission:  to guide and bless the way to your most potent inner resource… your heart wisdom.
  • Motto: when in doubt, go deeper.

The time is now, the only time we have!

  • So grab permission from within to invest in yourself
  • Contact me for a free 30 minute exploratory consultation
  • Then Catch the Wind, a 90 day foundational program
  • For details, please visit Coaching Services page
….and meanwhile, please comment below on: What makes YOUR heart sing?


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