Leadership: Cultivating a Creative Work Culture

Ok, so you’re wrestling with a looming problem, or a clear need to expand your market – but how? Consider this: Out beyond the mechanics of day to day business doings, and conforming to the tried & true…. lives the field of possibility. Can you taste that for a moment? Does some buried, forgotten yearning […]

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Creativity as Metaphor, Mirror and Motivator

Some of us are called to the creative life of the artist or artisan. All of us are called by Soul to tread territory that is new, rich and reflects our core values and unique purpose. In life there is always a dance of expansion and contraction, flow and resistance. Art making generates flow, movement, […]

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The Hunger for Purpose, the Risk of Change

ROOTS & WINGS…. Purpose: What can I give into whatever is before me? Risk: If change is messy and uncomfortable, how can I risk it? My own growing edge has always been about “letting go” and about the anxiety of uncertainty, even in the face of a clear call from my deepest soulful Self. We […]

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Risk & Revelation …

Is it your year to pull up anchor and catch the wind? I just finished reading the new edition of Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton PhD., a cell biologist/researcher who has become a leader of new thought in the human potential movement. My main “take away” from his book is that one is either […]

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Being Simply Soulful ~ Part 2

Second of a series on nurturing soul alignment I think of soul as our Creative Core that provides us with the ability to navigate all change, whether chosen or unexpected. It ignites our life purpose, and is the wisdom, creative genius and loving support of our juicy Source Self. Yet too often, we settle into […]

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