Being Simply Soulful

First of a series on nurturing Soul Alignment I think of soul as our Creative Core that provides us with the ability to navigate all change, whether chosen or unexpected. It ignites our life purpose, and is the wisdom, creative genius and loving support of our juicy Source Self. Yet, too often, we settle into […]

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Uncertainty Happens!

Stretching into new territory personally and/or professionally? Uncomfortable with the uncertainty that change presents? Try this perspective on for size and see if it fits better than the anxiety you may be having… (By the way….everything expressed here comes out of my very own learning…the expectant mother image/message came through this very week while navigating […]

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Give yourself Muse Time!

Attending to our “back burner” passions and needs: One day recently, while on my daily country walk, I found myself drinking in the lushness and variety of nature all around me, of the many forms of green that are the summertime….and I felt such gratitude, living closely with such beauty and bounty. Given my new […]

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From blockage to breakthrough to bloom

I was a closet creative, a dreamer…in denial, hiding out and keeping a lid on my passions, my expression. Sitting on the sidelines of my life, watching it go by, till my very Soul began calling out to me…”Say YES to life!” In different ways, at different times it was pressing against the corners of my […]

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