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Creativity as Metaphor, Mirror and Motivator

Some of us are called to the creative life of the artist or artisan. All of us are called by Soul to tread territory that is new, rich and reflects our core values and unique purpose.

In life there is always a dance of expansion and contraction, flow and resistance.

Art making generates flow, movement, possibility….elation! delight!

It is metaphor in action…..metaphor that is alive and functional.

So in the spirit of playful innocence, an invitation is extended that you designate time for:

  • choosing the visceral over the virtual
    the sensory over head tripping
    getting acquainted with your Inner Muse; follow its impulses and inspirations
    permission to enter the field of uncertainty and into acts of willful creation
    improvise, explore, go wild…..get unstuck! be surprised!

The Ritual Process (sans critique):

Choose your medium and let the light, the dark, the dream, the fear, erupt/pour/trickle into a receptive spaciousness. Fill the blank page from a blank mind and a willing emotion.

Use paint, oil pastels, ink, pencil; a musical instrument ripping with riffs and rhythm; the quiet room with you singing scat (syllables without words); your body lifted in dance (with grace, grunt or glory); the clay pressed, pinched, rolled into fluid forms; the collage of juxtaposed images that clash with ferocity/dreaminess/longing; power words painted all over a page; your story rewritten, transformed.
Allow your inner pressure cooker to let off steam in a form that calls to you. This unlocks the blocks. This is a taste of freedom. Wherever you are in the continuum, your life is to be celebrated…imperfections and all. Be cleansed, renewed and turned on!!

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