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From blockage to breakthrough to bloom

I was a closet creative, a dreamer…in denial, hiding out and keeping a lid on my passions, my expression. Sitting on the sidelines of my life, watching it go by, till my very Soul began calling out to me…”Say YES to life!” In different ways, at different times it was pressing against the corners of my mind, pumping yearnings inside my heart, till I began saying “yes” more often.

There have always been two archetypes calling to me: The Artist and The Healer.

During the 80s I was a full time studio potter and ceramic artist. Yet smack in the middle of that decade, I chose (I knew not why) to take a training in REIKI, a form of energy healing work. Two years later, I trained in Level II REIKI. During this period my hands became so alive with energy, between working with the clay by day and offering REIKI sessions in the evening, I sometimes felt they had a life of their own.

Living in Santa Fe, NM in the mid 90s, I discovered my inner guidance system after a series of big losses. It was the beginning of an awakening that we are not alone; that there is, in fact, a profound inner resource that holds, loves and guides us all along the way.

There have been many mini-breakthroughs over time, but the life changing one happened during this past year while engaged in a year long professional coaching training at the Synthesis Center in Amherst, MA. It was the year I had the support and learned the tools to finally see and step back from old scripts. It was like shedding an old tight skin and stepping out into the sunshine and fresh air where I could breathe in joy and peace!

And lo and behold I realized that my choice to become a Transformational Life Coach was an inspired one! My friends and former co-workers can attest that I have always been one to encourage their truth, their unique spirit, their creative endeavors. So now I am doing my “dream job”, because supporting your full expression affirms my dedication to the spread of happiness and life satisfaction for us all!

“Like a silent benediction, the evening sunset displayed itself before me in perfect power, beauty and innocence… a mirror to my own. Today I stood on a bridge overlooking the river after two days of rain. I watched the swirls and eddies and felt them ripple through my liquid body, reminding me to yield to the current, yet forge my soul’s true path.” —Salena Levi


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