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Give yourself Muse Time!

Attending to our “back burner” passions and needs:

One day recently, while on my daily country walk, I found myself drinking in the lushness and variety of nature all around me, of the many forms of green that are the summertime….and I felt such gratitude, living closely with such beauty and bounty.

Given my new life coaching practice devoted to soul alignment, I began pondering the lushness and variety held within each soul.

Are we not of nature, wanting to burst forth in form and voice?
We all get so immersed in the responsibilities of our lives, attempting to enliven them through the trappings of media. We forget to notice what we’ve forgotten!…those ripe yearnings, those creative impulses that could be flavoring our doings.

So how do we open to new possibilities and listen to our heart calling to us, listen to our bodies need to relax into our sensuality, and our need for the courage and freedom to live our truth?

Give yourself Muse Time!…..simply by deciding you need to!

1. Choose a “back burner” theme and make it your focus.
2. While doing some simple activity like walking or jogging, washing dishes, taking a shower….instead of plugging in or going over your mental “to do” list:

Light up your imagination and focus on the passion or need that is calling for attention.

Float the theme on your inner mind and envision possible forms, possible outcomes….play with it. No pressure, just ponder away, listening and seeing within.
3. Then imagine how you might integrate it into your life…

You might journal the results of your musings and return to it later and see how it feels and what it might suggest to you.

These are the messages always waiting in the wings of your soul….you need only pay attention and give yourself permission for Muse Time!

Salena Levi, transformational life coach

Blog post: August 16, 2015

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