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Leadership: Cultivating a Creative Work Culture

Ok, so you’re wrestling with a looming problem, or a clear need to expand your market – but how? Consider this: Out beyond the mechanics of day to day business doings, and conforming to the tried & true…. lives the field of possibility.

Can you taste that for a moment? Does some buried, forgotten yearning to contribute something original begin to stir? Does the possibility of fresh impact stir the fire in your belly?

Have you wondered about holding meetings with time for brainstorming, instead of the top down list-checking same old agendas?
The proof is in the risk!

How about mining the gold of minds gathered; surrender the well worn paths and open doors to let in fresh ideas….perspectives just itching to be freed up and put to use.
Fast food and innovation don’t mix. The creative process needs the spaciousness of trust and time for the assurance of result. And brainstorming can appear messy; but out beyond appearance is where innovation lives.

Try taking fear out of the picture and watch how creativity flows! Minimize the risk of speaking your original mind, when inclusivity & openmindedness become the norm, rather than judgment, doubt and maintaining the status quo.
Take note: The best kept secret of the procrastinator is that many of them are consciously or unconsciously stealing time and space to allow inspiration to arise; to allow time for mental play and a new perspective to emerge that can change the whole picture. The aha! that drops in while walking the dog or during the morning shower or while tossing and turning in the middle of the night can be the procrastinator’s methodology to access his/her Creative Core. Note: see Wharton professor Adam Grant’s Ted Talk on The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers
So when leaders can relax their grip on control and image, allow themselves the freedom to let their own humanity show and begin a new paradigm of free flowing idea sharing with their team, this sends out an engraved invitation for innovative thinking to become the new normal. Contributing rather than “productivity” can be the new priority and so morale is boosted… can tell by the smiles that greet you.

Let go, step in and watch that problem get solved! Implement that impact!

Salena Levi, Holistic Life & Creativity Coach, aimed at catalyzing the emergence of your new level of enlivened prosperity!

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