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The Hunger for Purpose, the Risk of Change


  • Purpose: What can I give into whatever is before me?
  • Risk: If change is messy and uncomfortable, how can I risk it?

My own growing edge has always been about “letting go” and about the anxiety of uncertainty, even in the face of a clear call from my deepest soulful Self.
We all have habitual thought and behavior patterns that keep us trapped in sameness and the sweat and effort to GET somewhere. These patterns are meant to give certainty and control over outcome, but they backfire on us constantly. My own personal mantras have been: “Don’t push the river” and D.D. (don’t dwell!) when I found myself either trying too hard, or stuck in an obsessive dead end inner whine.
I recently had the good fortune to view a documentary called The Mystery of Picasso. He was set up with some sort of canvas that was backlit and so his creative process was in evidence from start to finish. This was a man who was obviously ROOTED in his own genius. What was profound for me was seeing an image drawn that was strong and wonderful, only to watch him continue to play and experiment and with my heart in my mouth, the final piece emerged, surpassing anything that was familiar or safe….he took it as far as he could into a fresh form and when he put his brush down, I experienced my own sense of its completeness.

The Artist on the wings of his imagination….choice, choice, choice…in his creative flight pattern, and rooted in his purpose, happy to risk and risk and risk.
Rooted in one’s Inner Being, awake and rooted in the NOW, the genius that is always there and ready to risk a new choice, a new form, a new gestalt, creates a path, a story that grows from the loam of your unique Purpose. May your purpose take flight and feed those who are hungry for your gift.
Mentorship feeds transformation…call me and let’s get you fed!


One response to “The Hunger for Purpose, the Risk of Change”

  1. chris kerr says:

    You too are an artist, as with all human souls , we all have changes to make. We all need to make daily wise choices to carry us into our livelihoods!

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